1. Function as a Chapter of the Society of Quality Assurance in India and affiliated to the Society of Quality Assurance (SQA) in USA.
  2. Facilitate interactions among professionals (which term shall include quality assurance, technical, non-technical personnel and/or organizations) in government, industry, academia, individuals, consultants, organizations, societies or trusts, etc., to advance quality assurance standards.
  3. Provide a forum for communication, training, learning, sharing, dissemination, with other SQA Chapters world-over and related professional societies or trusts, which may function as Trust, Society, Company or Organization in India or abroad.
  4. Develop and provide educational programs and/or facilitate interactions for the benefit of the quality assurance and other professionals as described in point 2 above, in India or abroad on GxPs (GLP, GCP, GMP, GPvP, etc.) or other quality systems.
  5. Tie-up, associate, co-operate, collaborate with other professional societies, trusts, schools, colleges, universities, other education and research institutions, organizations, companies or individuals in carrying out the aims and objectives.
  6. Perform any other acts that are in consonance with the overall aims and objectives that are generally related to the field of Quality Assurance.


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